Deadpool action figures

The spectacular culmination of the first 10 years of DCU

One of the greatest Hollywood stories is the story about how Ryan Reynolds managed to make an uncompromising, entertaining, beautiful movie about Deadpool that we watched a couple of years ago, wondering “How did the people in Fox agree to this?!”. Well, the Deadpool action figures might be a part of it, but that’s not all.

The whole plot could be reduced to two or three sentences, but that is why it is closely accompanied by dozens of completely random situations in which Wade ends up as a totally chaotic character.

Deadpool action figures

This movie, as many other superhero movies, caused a lot of new Deadpool action figures to be created for the fan base to purchase and enjoy. Rarely has any merchandise been sold so well among older populations. We can only expect that this is because Deadpool 2 is an adult and R rated movie. If you wish to learn more about the Deadpool action figures you can visit many merchandise sites, including DiscoverGeek.

What this movie about?

The story itself is riddled with five billion one-liners, constant breakthroughs of the Fourth Wall, and references to literally everything. In the continuation of his saga, Wade is aware of all the other superhero films he’s struggling with on the market, and there’s a huge number of jokes at the expense of everything you expect and what we’ve already seen in the trailers.

deadpoolThe comedy and the jokes tend to be quite impressive. A couple of times during the movie Wade’s knowledge of pop culture and the small paranoia that arises from it, suggests that the song “Do you want to build a Snowman” from Frozen is pure plagiarism of the song “Papa, can you hear Me?” from Barbara Streisand.

Danger from another time

The “bad guy” Cable is a traveler through time that comes from the future to the present. Unfortunately, everything we see from his future that made him as he is is in his home from the future.

JoshBrolin definitely interprets the character phenomenally, with perhaps a little less wisdom than Cable from the comic has and a little more “I’ll kill and slaughter you and get out of it”. That’s why Cable has been acting as an arbitrary unstoppable force until the final moments of the film, but it’s probably not the last time we get to see him.


In the end, when we are already characterizing, one should not forget to mention Domino (ZazieBeetz) as one of the biggest surprises ofDeadpool 2. Her powers include amazing luck and the ability to turn every situation to her advantage. Her scenes are like “Reverse Final Destination “, and withWade following her on a Vespa is inserted into this mix, not believing that she is a superhero at all, the greatest scenes in this movie are presented to us. This is an amazing movie and the Deadpool action figures that were created for it are a great boon as well.