About me

profile-picHi, my name is Mellisa Fendley and welcome to my blog.

I am pleased you to took some time to visit my site. I have been a professional screenplay writer for the last 20 years, and I worked on many notable projects during my carrier. Now that I’m retired I realized I have too much time on my hands and decided to start this blog help today’s youth. In some way, we have neglected the cultural values, and everything revolves around the internet and celebrity gossips. People need to realize that culture is an integral part of our lives and help thrive spiritually and emotionally.

It has been five years since I retired and started this blog. I used my time to explore the world and attend all important musical and film festivals around the globe. In this way, I can tell you the first impressions and tell you which the best events are to attend. I love art and everything that is connected to it, and I think that my blog will be excellent for all people who want to broaden their perspective. I am also open to suggestions and if you’re going to learn about new events, be free to write me.

I want to bring together high-quality cultural and educational content and present it to a worldwide audience. My mission is to attract a bigger audience to my blog with quality content and show you the most prestigious events in the world. Only with culture, we can combat shallowness and stupidity. Conspiring I grew up in America, my focus isn’t only to this state, I am open towards other cultures, and I love discovering other nations and their customs. Every country I visited so far, provided me excellent opportunities to improve my knowledge and learn about their habits and cultural values.

One of my biggest fears is that we will fail as a nation and the culture is the only way to save ourselves. This is one of the reasons why I started this blog. In some way, I think is my duty to educate people and offer them quality content on my site. Reading my stories and experiences will help you explore the world, meet new people and find about other cultures. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to talking to you and sharing our experiences.